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The Ethiopian pulses and oilseeds sector being one of the largest components of the agricultural
sector with having immense contribution for the country’s economic growth through generating
high foreign exchange revenue, which stands second next to the contribution of coffee.
Having said this, the Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds and Spices Processors_ Exporters Association
(EPOSPEA), the association that directly deals the sector’s topics, was established in 1998 with the
objective of building the capacity of the industry players to become key participants role players
in the global market. EPOSPEA also facilitates and supports the sectoral development through
carefully selected strategies and action plans. Hence, EPOSPEA has more than 246 active
members who take advantage of country policies of the sector.
In line with the objective to build the capacity of the sector, The Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds &
Spices Processors Exporters Association in collaboration with The Ministry of Trade, do well in
hosting the successfully concluded International Conferences on Pulses & Oilseeds annually.
The last all seven International Conferences of the sector, which were hosted with “Ethiopia the
Lands of Crop Diversity”, “Agri-Commodity trade: Challenges and Opportunities”, “International
Marketing of Agricultural Commodities”, “Global Partnership for Sustainable Market Growth”,
“Strategic Plat Form for Sustainable Market Creation”, “Agri- Commodity Marketing for
Sustainable Global Trade” and “Africa the future pulses and oilseeds supply” respectively, hosted
at Sheraton Addis, UNECA conference hall and Intercontinental Addis Hotel, during different time
settings. They were concluded successfully with the participation of more than 450 importers and
exporters, and more than 100 invited guests and higher officials.