About Us


ASMEN PLC, was established in 1999 and engaged in wire processing and steel tube manufacturing. It has two manufacturing plants located in Addis Ababa city and Bishoftu town, Oromiya Regional State.


We are also engaged in export business, aiming for being one of the leading exporters of oil seeds, pulses, cereals and spices in the country . The construction and export business has good future for better achievements, The company has created over 750 permanent employment opportunities.

To Product and Sell different types, Hollow Sections and other steel products of the highest quality at competitive price and create an environment where our customers get the highest satisfaction from our products.
Becoming a leading player in Wire and Tube Mill processing in Ethiopia and East Africa by 2025
- Integrity - In order for our company to be successful we need to be connected , united and whole.
- Teamwork - Each of us must consistently act to achieve the agreed upon mission and vision of the Team.In order to accomplish this goal we realize that we can only succeed by supporting each other in a respectful and mutually supportive manner.
- Fairness (Understanding) - individuals will be evaluated and rewarded objectively based on their contributions toward accomplishing our mission and adherence to our values.Individuals are judged based on their personal merits not their membership in any group.
-Safety First - give due attention to safety and has defined a strategy for preventing injury and dealing with illness to employees in the workplace.