Asmen Wire Processing Company, has become the leading supplier of wire processing products in Ethiopia, with sales offices in two places Merkato at Dirtera and Teklhaimanot on MZ Building. Asmen Plc new Tube mill processing plant expansion which installation and commissioning completed in February 2017; in the Oromia regional state at Bishoftu town; which added hundred new jobs to the town.Asmen Plc initial investment was birr 6mil and now the total asset of the company has reached to birr 508million due to the new expansion. Asmen Plc has a total compound area of 55,922m2, which included Wire processing plant around Gerji 9,733m2 and Tube Mill processing Plant at Bishoftu 45km far from Addis Ababa; 46,189m2.

Asmen Wire processing Company is the largest producer of six types of finished wire products namely Normal nail 3 to 15 cm long nail variety with 40,000 metric ton production capacity and roofing nail 2,016 metric ton, Barbed wire 2,212 metric ton, Mesh wire 416 metric ton, Galvanized wire 192 metric ton and Binding Wires production capacity of 704 metric ton per year.

In general Company’s nail and other wire processing capacity is 46,528 ton per year. Besides Asmen Tube Mill processing plant has a total production capacity of 75,000 metric ton of three types of products namely Plain Sheet, Hollow Section and LTZ profile and Galvanized Normal Roofing Cover (Corrugated Iron Sheet). Asmen Plc power consumption is 5.4megawatt.

Although the Asmen Wire Processing Company employment has declined steadily for the past two years; there were an estimated 784 people employed in the Factory, however problem of raw material shortage due to lack of foreign currency, the factory’s current work force reduced to 534 and the new Tube Mill Plant employed 149 yet with the same case their number decreased to 83; thus as of September 2018 Asmen PLC has a total of 617 work force   including 44 supporting employees at Head Office.

To be one of the leading producer in East Africa by 2030
To produce & sell different types steel products of the highest quality at competitive price and create an environment where our customer get the highest satisfaction from our products.
Integrity, teamwork, safety first, quality and environment